Education Plan for Program of Information Management and System

I. Education objectives

The faculty aims to cultivate students who have a firm standing of political position and sound and comprehensive abilities. It focuses on the foundational courses and theories of management, explores advance information technology skills, integrates knowledge of new science of engineering, and strengthens students' international vision and ambitions. After the systematic cultivation of the program, the students will be able to express relevant knowledge comfortably, have a mastery of basic writing methods and skills, know the basic methods of doing scientific research of information management, systematically master the development trend of disciplines, scientifically use modern information technology to solve management problems in reality, and cultivate innovative, cross-type, integrated, and international high-level information management talents for governments, organizations, and enterprises, who can serve in the development of the country, especially for the Greater Bay (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau) economics and other social developments.

II. Requirements for graduation

Practice the socialist core values, focus on learning, contemplation, innovation, independence, cooperation, and responsibility to enable the students to have the following professionalism:

1. Physical and mental health, good personality, and strong social responsibility;

2. Broadened international vision and humanism;

3. Mastery of management foundation and basic methods of information management, corporate management, business management, and social management;

4. Advance information technology skills and strengthened comprehensive analysis and problem-solving abilities against the background of big data era;

5. Mastery of basic methods of scientific research, understanding the latest theories of information management, business management, enterprise management, social management, etc.; mastery of the latest information technology development trends, and being able to catch up with knowledge updates, conduct technical tracking, and innovate;

6. Strong language expression skills, mastery of basic writing methods and skills of academic papers and analysis reports.