Education Plan for Bachelor Degree Program of Artificial Intelligence

I. Education objectives

In response to the needs for national economic and social development as well as the tide of the artificial intelligence industry in the new era, our undergraduate artificial intelligence program is designed to instill scientific and humanistic spirits into undergraduates and enable them to master the essential knowledge of mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence. After finishing our program courses, they can expect to become excellent and competent individuals who can discover and solve problems on their own. Additionally, they could also transform themselves into inter-disciplinary and globally competitive talents, who are able to engage in scientific research, teaching and application of artificial intelligence and related fields in R&D institutes, education institutions and various enterprises and administrative organizations.

II. Requirements for graduation

Practice the socialist core values, focus on learning, contemplation, innovation, independence, cooperation, and responsibility to enable the students to have the following professionalism:

1. Engineering know-how and professional ethics: having professional ethical and social responsibility and understanding the laws, regulations, guidelines, and policies related to artificial intelligence;

2. Professional basic theoretical  capability: have the basic theoretical knowledge of computer and core know-how of artificial intelligence;

3. Professional practicing ability: have the ability to utilize knowledge related to artificial intelligence to solve complex and integrated information problems;

4. Ability of management and collaboration: have the ability to organize and manage projects, effectively communicate and interact with others, work with others as a team.

5. Professional research ability: have the ability to discover problems and propose questions, and investigate and solve problems through innovative thinking;

6. Sustainable self-learning ability: broadened international vision, cross-regional learning, and adaptation to development and changes.