Announcement of Employment Opportunities for English Language Teachers, Aberdeen Institute, SCNU

Announcement of Employment Opportunities for English Language Teachers, Aberdeen Institute, SCNUSouth China Normal Un

Announcement of Employment Opportunities for English Language Teachers, Aberdeen Institute, SCNU

South China Normal University(SCNU) was founded in 1933, with a long history, complete range of disciplines and rapid development momentum. As a member of the “211 Project”, it enters the ranks of universities co-constructed by Guangdong Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education, Guangdong High-Level University Sponsoring Project and National Sponsoring Project for World-Class Disciplines Construction. SCNU now boasts 4 campuses in 3 cities, namely Guangzhou Campus(Shipai campus and University Town campus), Foshan Campus (Nanhai campus)and Shanwei Campus(new campus). Foshan campus is jointly built by the university, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, the People's Government of Foshan City, and the People's Government of Nanhai District. With the development strategy of internationalization, new engineering, interdisciplinary and research-oriented, it aims to develop into a special zone for talent cultivation, a demonstration zone for international education, a pilot zone for mechanism reform, and a demonstration zone for industry-university-research cooperation. Located in SCNU Foshan campus, the Aberdeen Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (hereafter referred to as “Aberdeen Institute”) is now openly recruiting English language teachers from home and abroad.

I. Introduction of Institute

The Aberdeen Institute is a non-legal-entity Sino-foreign joint institute established by South China Normal University and the University of Aberdeen. In May 2021, the Ministry of Education (MoE) officially approved the establishment of Aberdeen Institute, which is a teaching and research unit at SCNU. It marks the launch of the first Sino-foreign joint institute offering undergraduate program in artificial intelligence in China, the first Sino-foreign joint institute at SCNU, also the first of its kind in Foshan City. The Aberdeen Institute offering three four-year undergraduate programs, namely, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and information management & information systems. There are 450 students currently enrolled and the total capacity is expected to reach 1,200 students in the future. It adopts the training mode of "4+0" "dual registration" "double degree" .

II. Recruitment Vacancies


III.Requirements and Rewards

1. Requirements

The applicant should not be more than 50 years old in principle, and should hold a doctor's degree. The applicant should have a good academic reputation and academic leadership ability, have achieved landmark achievements recognized by international peers, and have rich scientific research achievements in the past five years. 


Rewards from SCNU: Employed within public institution staffing quota. Salary and benefits are provided according to the policies of the nation, the province and the university.

Rewards from Foshan Campus: Foshan campus will provide a subsidy of 30,000 yuan per year; Research start-up fund of up to 100,000 yuan will be provided for candidates in the fields of science and engineering in the first employment period, and up to 50,000 yuan for candidates in other disciplines. The Aberdeen Institute’s subsidy will be decided based on face-to-face negotiation.

Other Benefits: The candidate's children can apply for studying in the affiliated kindergarten, primary and middle school of SCNU according to relevant regulations.

IV.Application Documents

The candidates should send the compressed application documents in electronic format to designated email address, with a title of the email and appendix as "talent category + disciplines or majors applying + candidate’s full name ( for instance: Senior Research-oriented Teachers + English + Zhang San)". The candidates should provide CV, scientific research projects undertaken in the past 5 years, published papers, relevant achievements of awards, scanned copies of academic degree certificates for all academic stages (Overseas graduates should attach the degree certification issued by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, MoE), scanned copies of teacher qualification certificates if available.

V.Contact Us

Ms HU, 0757-86636850,

This announcement shall take effect as of the date of release and shall be expired when vacancies become unavailable. If the relevant policies and regulations of the country, local governments and SCNU are adjusted, new policies and regulations will be implemented accordingly. If the English translation is not accurate, the original Chinese content shall prevail.